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Return and Disposal of FBA Inventory

In the case that what you purchased hasn’t yet been sent to you or it seems that the warehouse was damaged which can be the source of the delay in item delivery or you are a seller and the merchandise isn’t sent to the consumer which is entirely not your fault, you could also have the product reimbursed to you through amazon FBA reimbursement, depending on a few elements which you may want to take into account all things done.

You will need to know these things so you need to know your rights and in obtaining a reimbursement. Here are the elements that you must be conscious of as a seller and client. You can find more details on amazon fba reimbursement on the site community.amztracker.com.

Sales history
Your revenue history is a very significant part your records particularly as a seller as it can show if nearly all of your
transactions has been proven to be damaged at the warehouse it can mean that the items you are sending are damaged or something like this. A good history record of your earnings will increase the likelihood that you will be receiving your reimbursement so be certain you have a good history record so you may really have a back up.

Normal FBA selling cost Another thing that they’re searching for is the average price for the product that you are selling. They are going to ask you about some information regarding the purchase price of your product, a few things about you and much more of that and they’llevaluate if your cost is just right and they’ll go through FBA reimbursement.

Sales history of Particular Product
Lastly, they will look around to find different things which you’ve offered of the similar selection and check whether they were being sold in good condition or not. If yes, it’ll really do good on your favor but they might have to rethink it. They are just going to reimburse a max of 5 million dollars so in case you surpass it, getting insurance is crucial.

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