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How to Get Good UPTET Marks

The UP-TET examination is conducted as a qualifying requirement for teachers who are seeking a teaching position in government schools in the Uttar Pradesh district. The exam is scheduled on the 18th of November and if you need more details or updates about the exam, then it is best to check the official website. If you are planning to take the exam then it is best to be fully prepared so you will get high marks.

Preparation for the Exam

The eligibility exam is set for 150 minutes and there are 150 questions which totals to 150 marks. The exam will be conducted through an offline mode and the exam will be based on objective type questions. There are 5 total sections in the eligibility test and there are 30 questions for each section of the exam. The syllabus for UPTET on khakat is different for Paper 1 and Paper 2 so when you are preparing and studying for the exam, make sure to get the complete exam syllabus. Keep in mind that there are many subjects covered in the syllabus and it would be really beneficial if you take the time to properly study and review with the help of many resources.

Assess your skills so you will be able to determine your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on your weak areas of study so you can dedicate more time and effort to make sure that you will have every aspect covered. Look for the best resources whether online or offline such as study guides and reading materials so you will gain more knowledge on your weak area. There are also many textbooks and other materials that cover the eligibility exam which are really helpful.

Find time to study and you can also take mock tests which you can find online so you can also practice your time management.

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