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Free Classic Movies

There’s always a thing about the rain that makes people want to stick like glue in their sofas, wrapped in their blankets with hot coffee, also watch films online. If you do not have the funds to register to premium streaming websites, don’t fret. There are a few streaming websites, like movie25, provides completely free full films to their loyal subscribers.

Here are some of the best free films that you’re able to see on a rainy day

1. Jumanji (1995) While the movie certainly has its moments, it is the first film that’s caught the hearts and imagination of critics and audience alike. With all the legendary Robin Williams at the helm, this film is funny, highly entertaining, and keeps the viewer in the edge of their chairs. Oddly enough, the best part of the movie isn’t when the two young kids (the cute Kirsten Dunst and adorable Bradley Pierce) found that the sport comes to life at every turn, it is when young Alan Parrish admits his guilt and takes responsibility for his own actions to make amends with his strict father that had the crowd reaching for the cells.

2.The Truman Show (1998) It is always a little disconcerting when famed comedians produce their audience shout, but that is exactly what humorous man Jim Carrey does in this drama. He played Truman Burbank, a typical insurance that had unknowingly been residing since the star of a reality TV show (it is like Big Brother, just Truman doesn’t know he is beneath camera lights 24/7). Unsurprisingly, the film is critically acclaimed with a few colleges utilizing the film as a topic to talk about Christianity, existentialism, augmented reality, and reality TV.

3.The Impossible (2012) Get prepared to clean those tear ducts because this film tackles a narrative depending on the real-life adventure of Maria Belon along with her loved ones during the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami which had devastated Thailand and had murdered tens of thousands of people in its aftermath. The story is almost heartbreaking as the viewer is compelled to observe that adoring family battle desperately to find their manners to each other following the tragedy ripped them apart.

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