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Fox Theater: Elegant, Classy, and Modern

Not every theater has a Colorful and significant history, however Fox Oakland Theater is one of the very few exemptions. From the architectural design to its inside and general feel, an individual could simply say that this theater is very much cultured. When the Fox Theater opened its doors in October 1928 with the film”The Air Circus”, it has consequently become a home away from home to over 20,000 patrons who filled the newest picture place. Individuals have seen and knowledgeable music and movies around the hallowed grounds of the Fox Theater. Fast forward to almost a century, even Fox Theater has come to be a refurbished concert venue for each amusement goers in and out of city of Oakland, California. You can find more details on fox theater oakland schedule on the site foxtheateroakland.net.

Early Humble Beginnings

Fox Theater acquired its name once William Fox Bought the West Coast Theaters at 1929. It’s been said that the theater was the biggest in terms of seating capacity from the Pacific Coast, with over 3,200 and 3,800 chairs. Following its successful run in the following years, the administration has decided to shut down the theater just for it to be reopened sometimes for exclusive conducts as”Planet of the Apes”. The theater has undergone certain changes until it was eventually closed down in 1984. On the other hand, the former beauty of this Fox Theater came back after the City of Oakland bought the theater for $3 million. The purchase has generated an overall renovation of the theater such as the meticulous restoration of the marquee and vertical hints, replacement of light fixtures, advanced chairs design, and repainting of the cinema’s intricate nine-color light ceiling.

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